Sneakers on Pavement

Listen to the sound of thousands of sneakers hitting the pavement….it's RACE DAY!!

About Me

I’m Robyn, a long distance runner, reader and Autism Advocate.  I have my Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology and I enjoy writing.  I live outside of Philadelphia, PA, I am married and have 3 wonderful children.  We lead a busy life!

I ran cross country and track in high school, and revisited my love for running after having my third child.  Rekindling this relationship with running, and healthy eating, helped me to lose 120 pounds.  I continue to follow a healthy lifestyle and have kept the weight off for 5 years now.

I have plantar fasciitis, which developed into a heel spur.  I must contend with this development in my runs.  I know how much time I spent on the internet trying to find people with this issue, yet who are also still successfully running.  I hope my voice lends to this discussion as well!

By no means am I an elite runner.  I love to race and like most other runners, I am a “middle of the pack” runner.  But don’t get me wrong!  I go into each race with a goal in mind.  To be better than I was yesterday.

I enjoy racing all distances, however, I enjoy the longer distances.   I like to be out among my peers, my fellow buddies that love running as much as I do.  I love to talk about the run, the workout, the diet, the gym.  I love to hear about what others do, so be sure to let me know.  Is there something you want to know about me?  My workouts? Just let me know!

My general finish times?  I’ve been racing the distances for the past 5 years.  So I focus on these times, not the times from high school.

5K – 23:30 – 24:30

10 Mile – I’m at 1:20 – trying to get that one under 1:20!

Half Marathon – 1:46 – 1:56

Marathon – 4:01 – 4:21 (with my heel spur)