I feel like a person going to confessional.

Forgive me WordPress, it’s been 10 months since my last running post.

Not that anyone was wondering where the girl from Sneakers on Pavement went.

But before you even noticed my absence, I have returned to tell my tale of woeful running.


In the past 10 months I have competed in 2 races.  (Really?  That’s it?  I am wondering myself now….)

Not that they weren’t significant.  One marathon, one half marathon.  And all the training that leads up to achieve those distances.

How did the races go, you might wonder?

Mmmmm – not so good (my lips and eyes all scrunched up as I shake my head).

In fact, I got the 2 worst times ever.

In the past 10 months, I have sat perplexed trying to figure out my downward spiral.  And since I was on a quest to figure it out (and therefore felt completely clueless about running) I closed the running blog – for a few (10) months.

Here is what happened and what (I think) I have figured out.

“You complain too much.”

From a running friend (who lacks a filter).

I guess it may be true.  He has seen me whine about plantar fasciitis in both feet (at different times), subsequent heel spurs in each foot, a foot fracture, a stone bruise and as my health complaints mushroomed, I let my most recent complaint fall on his ears: adrenal fatigue.

If you have read any of my past posts you’ll know that I lost a lot of weight in my journey to better health.  I dusted off an old love of running and hit the trails.  I became a vegetarian.  My weekly mileage goals were to hit at least 50 miles a week.

I hit the point where I was tired all the time.  I was light-headed, I began to sweat like a human sprinkler.  I felt depressed.  My hormones were all over the place.  I became allergic to dairy products.  I woke up every day at 4 AM unable to sleep.  Going at a slow pace wore me out and my heart rate would be higher than usual.  But what really got my goat, I started gaining weight.  In my mid-section.  Which for all the work and dietary restrictions I was following, was completely unfair.

Adrenal Fatigue.

After my “this isn’t going well, just finish and get your medal” marathon in May, I took the summer “off.”  And I hesitate to say off because I still ran most days, but only about 3 miles a day.  Gone were the 50+ mile weeks.

When I came back out to run my half marathon in September, I went to the website of my old training guru, Hal Higdon, and followed his training plan.

I ran the half with no injury.  No leg or foot pains.  I wasn’t tired.  I did my best.  I was okay with that.

But something bigger happened.  I got excited about running again.

So, I visited Hal Higdon’s website again and began following his marathon training plan.  And after reading about the blood type diet, I returned lean meat to my diet.

All I can about that is – when I went out with the girls one night for dinner, I decided to get chili.  The next day I had 17 miles scheduled.  And as I ran, I felt like Rowan Atkinson as Mr. Bean.  I felt I ran 5 feet above the ground with a great big goofy grin on my face.



So, now I am 2 days away from another marathon.  I don’t have any major pains.  I am well nourished.  The weather is ideal.  I am mentally well.  I have zero expectations.  Here is hoping for the best, on Sunday and in my running days ahead!

Keep you posted!