The scent of happy running is in the air!


That was me for the first month of 2017

The foot pain is gone as long as I am taped up.  I have been able to get back to my regular training speed without any pain.  And have been able to add up the happy miles.8463595e17c666f278d6179d4c5147da

All miles have felt good, so I have started back to running 50 miles a week.  I do try to give myself a mini rest day.  Since I do my long run on Sundays, I have tried to focus my Saturday run to be slow and short – somewhere around 3 – 5 miles.  But again, at a slower pace.

My next scheduled race is The Love Run Half Marathon which is in 54 days.  I feel ready for this race, and am excited to get back on the course.


As long as this race goes well, I plan to register for the Delaware Full Marathon in May, a race I love to run every year.  So fingers crossed, my feet stay well, injury free and The Love Run is a great experience.

So here they are – my miles for January

Total miles: 240

WK          M                 T                   W                 R                    F                   Sa                Su

1 17 mi
2 5 mi 5 mi 5 mi 7 mi 8 mi 3 mi 10 mi
3 10 mi 7 mi 8 mi 5 mi 5 mi 5 mi 12 mi
4 10 mi 10 mi 5 mi 5 mi 8 mi 10 mi 13 mi
5 10 mi 7 mi 5 mi 7 mi 5 mi 3 mi 15 mi
6 10 mi 5 mi