It’s that time of year –

To sign up for your #Earthathon relay team!

Last year on Twitter I noticed a lot of runners using the hashtag #earthathon with some other name after.  When I searched, I realized they were running the earthathon relay.

On twitter you share your runs in miles or kilometers and tweet them to #earthathon

The goal?  For earthathon miles to add up to running the circumference of the Earth.  25,000 miles.

Now, there are ten teams competing to complete 25,000 miles first.  After they finish, they then help other teams to complete their 25,000 miles.  By the end of 2017, the goal of the ten teams is to have run 250,000 miles.

How awesome is that?

Let me tell you something else – there is a LOT of love on Twitter for runners.  If you run one mile in one hour or ten miles in one hour, you will have a cheering squad, tweeting you praise and well wishes.  The Twitter runner group is one exceptional group of people.  FROM ALL OVER THE WORLD!  All working together to get out there and run!

I have a huge internal drive to run.  Running the Earthathon relay, supporting other runners and receiving their support gives me that extra added motivation to go the extra mile.


JOIN A TEAM!!  There are ten to choose from – they include:


#HeForSheRunners is a derivative of the #HeForShe solidarity movement for #GenderEquality. First we run a lap around the Earth, 25,000-miles…then we continue to 250,000-miles. Are you ready to commit to this challenge called #earthathon?


This is a group of happy runners who have discovered “the joy of running”. Day and Night…24/7…the run is shining somewhere 🙂


…our team may not always run fast, or far, but we run. EVERY time we do…with PASSION!


At #teamhumanrace, we encourage runners everywhere to support and inspire each other to achieve personal running goals. We believe in sharing smiles and laughter along the way, too. All welcome!


Team #uponeaglewings are spreading their wings and flying around the world. No matter what pace we will finish the #earthathon relay as one team.


In the words of Forrest Gump, “I just felt like running.” This is what #StarsOnTheRUN is all about: we’re crazy in love with running (and maybe just a little crazy too), but hey, that’s what makes #earthathon more fun!


This team has one simple goal, to run the #earthathon relay.


Join team #UnitedSnails, tweet your runs, log them in spreadsheet. Make new Twitter friends. Easy peasy.


Dream Believe Achieve. Whether you run for fun, fitness or the finish line, let’s chase our dreams together. Join the team where dreams really can come true.


This is a group of WONDERFUL runners. It doesn’t matter how fast or slow we run, we are all #RunderfulRunners.

And then, tweet your miles to #earthathon and your team!

My team?  #teamhumanrace

I love to support and laugh with other runners!


Are you ready to meet your running goals for 2017?  Are you ready to meet other runners that love running as much as you do?  Then come join!  Sign up to run and pick a team from the link below.  Happy running!