I have been blessed to be able to run 4 full marathons in the past 3 years. SO FAR!

I have not counted how many half marathons I have done, but there have been a lot.

And to think 5 years ago, I weighed 120 pounds more than I do now.


If you would’ve told me 5 years ago, that I would lose 120 pounds and start running marathons, I would have told you, “YOU ARE CRAZY!”

Yet, here we are.  I feel truly blessed.

Many pictures are taken during a race.  My dad is always there, trying to get the best shot.  He is the one that caught me flashing the “I love you” sign to my family cheering in the crowd as I ran by (featured above).

But there are also photographers from the race itself all over the course.

One of my favorite pictures is an odd one, and taken by a race photographer.

I think I am the only one that really loves this photo.  It is my favorite because I remember what I was thinking at that moment.


This picture was taken during my first full  marathon, the Delaware Marathon 2014.

Can you see it?  The little smile on my face?

The Delaware Marathon is the half marathon looped twice.  The start and finish are at the same spot.  So that is where the crowd is. When coming to the end of the first 13 miles, you run under a bridge, and if you are running the half, you turn left and run down the finishers chute.  If you are running the marathon, you run right and start the course over again.

I passed the crowd and turned right.  As you come around the bend, you have run away from the crowd and return to the solitude of the course.

It was at that moment that I smiled.  I was thinking, “this is the farthest I have ever raced.  And I FEEL GREAT.  Good Lord willing, I am going to finish a marathon!”

The idea of running a marathon seemed ludicrous just a few years earlier.  And here I was.  120 pounds lighter and running 26.2 miles!!

I heard the clicking and looked up to see the photographer.  He took my photo.

But to me he caught the moment.  The feeling.  I was going the distance.  I was going to finish a marathon.

Forever grateful, truly blessed.  Thankful to be able to go the distance!  Four times now, and I can’t wait to do it again!