“Something is not right.” I thought as I looked at my heart rate monitor.

And as I sat and thought about what I saw, I realized what was happening.


I have decreased the number of miles I run a week from 50 miles to 40 miles because of foot pain.  The heel spur is now in my left foot.  I have plantar fasciitis pain, and on top of everything else, I have had pain going across the top of my foot, which I fear is a stress fracture.

Not only have I decreased the number of miles I run, I have decreased the intensity of my run.  I no longer do speed workouts.  I do not try to fartlek at a 5K pace.

I have found that at a slow pace, I feel no pain in my foot.  About 6 weeks ago, if I went fast, I felt a sharp pain across the top of my foot with each step.  I taped my foot up with KT Tape and felt relief.  I ice and rub it down with Hemp Oil.  I sleep in a stabilizer.

And I found I could run slow, no problem.

So, I put the treadmill on 5.2 miles per hour and ran for hours.

I do not get too sweaty.  I do not get out of breath.  I don’t leave a workout saying “Wow!  That was GREAT!”

I do get bored.  Something is missing from my workouts.




To me, this missing piece is evident in my heart rate monitor, which yesterday showed my resting heart rate at 52 beats per minute.  Which was the 14th day in a row at that number.

Why is this weird to me?

When I bought the Garmin HR I was in good health.  My resting heart rate was at 45 beats per minute and had stayed there unless I was sick, or until now, had to slow down my running.

So this change is nothing drastic.  It’s just a “Huh.  How about that.”

But it’s 7 beats per minute rise, tells me the decrease in the intensity of my workouts has also led to a change in my fitness level.

According to the National Institute of Health, the average resting heart rate:

  • for children 10 years and older, and adults (including seniors) is 60 – 100 beats per minute
  • for well-trained athletes is 40 – 60 beats per minute.


Resting Heart Rate is a good health indicator as shown in the chart below.  For me,  I am slowly going to start to test the intensity waters.  I would like to increase my heart rate more during my workouts, make them more intense, in order to reap the benefits of lowering my resting heart rate.  All while keeping my foot safe.