“If I go slow, I can go forever.”

That was the thought in my mind a few years ago when I was debating if I could run a marathon.  I registered with this thought, I ran and I finished.  Success!

I pushed myself too hard in October with a race and a long 20 mile run on sore feet.  The pain would not abate, so I had to slow it down before I injured myself.

As I ran, I found if I went too fast, my foot would hurt.  So, I echoed the same thought in my head again.

“If I go slow, I can go forever.”

I went at a pace that elevated my heart rate and I would get a little sweaty.  My breathing was never heavy.

I got up and ran 5 miles every morning, as I always do.  If time allowed, I would hit the treadmill for a few more miles later in the day.  My foot stays in KT Tape, which is changed every few days.  I did not experience any pain this month except for the 15 mile Sunday.

That day I ran my morning 5 miles.  Then I met a friend at the trails.  I ran 2.5 miles to meet her.  Jogged 5 miles with her and then ran 2.5 miles back to my car.  My foot was very sore.  I was on it for about 3 hours that day and it was sore as if I had been walking Disney World for a week.

I had been told about the wonders of Hemp Oil for this kind of pain, so I took the KT Tape off and rubbed my foot down.  I put on my recovery sandals, and honest to gosh, the pain had dissipated.  I use Hemp Oil regularly now for aches and pains.  I will write more about it’s wonders later.



I ran a 5K with my daughter this month which made me go fast.  I was very nervous for this race.  I knew my daughter could go fast, and was concerned my foot might inhibit mine or her running performance.  Fortunately, we had no problems and finished with a time of 26:07 (8:25/mile pace).


We have another race this Saturday to wrap up her Girls on the Run season, and we are both pretty excited for it.  I will keep you posted on the happiness she found in running this season.  In short, I am so excited to share the love of running with her!

Well, here they are – my November miles.  I did not take any rest days this month.  I never felt tired or strained.  Just glad to get some daily exercise in.


November Miles: 204

Miles on 2016, to date: 2,311



Wk    Mon              Tues       Wed         Thurs          Fri            Sat              Sun

1   5 mi 8 mi 7mi 5mi 7m 15 mi
2 5 mi 5 mi 5 mi 5 mi 5 mi 5 mi 13 m run
3 7 m run 5 mi 5 m 10 mi 5 mi 10 mi 8 mi
4 7 mi 7 mi 5 mi 3 mi (5K) 5 m run 7 mi 5 mi
5 12 mi 8 mi 5 mi