It’s the big weekend!  The Philly Marathon is this weekend!

I’m still sad to say that my foot is not well enough to handle 26.2 miles.  I have been able to run, but a very slow pace with my foot completely taped up.



But you know what?

I’LL TAKE IT!  Thanks goodness I can still run some!



I wish I could run with the confidence of Atalanta, the mythical runner.  But I am fearful of hurting my foot further.  I am unable to give my best performance.  So I choose to cheer other runners on.



A friend of mine is running her first half marathon.  She reminds me of myself 4 years ago.  6 years ago I was obese.  I did not run.  I did not exercise.  I decided to make a change.

About a year after I started losing weight, I found the courage to sign up for my first race, a trail 10K.  A year after that, I decided to sign up for my first half marathon.

I never saw myself even considering such an endeavor.  But after achieving what I had losing weight and the confidence I began to feel as a runner – well, the smallest notion lived inside my gut that said, “maybe I can….”



I am so glad I listened to my positive self talk.  I am so glad I pursued that tiny minuscule notion that told me, “Yes I can.”

I proved to myself that I have courage, confidence and strength.

The note I would write to myself would say one thing.

“Dear Robyn,

Never forget you are capable of anything.

Love, Robyn”

I can’t run 26.2 this weekend because of a bad foot.  But I will cheer on others facing the challenges they have set before themselves because they heard their inner self whisper, “Maybe I can….”

And my message to all of them is this: “Never forget you are capable of anything.

Love, Robyn”