I like to pound the pavement.

I average about 200 miles a month.

That is a lot of running.

Unfortunately, as I chased down miles foot pain found me.  And stopped me in my tracks.  In order for me to keep on running, I needed some help.

Hello KT Tape!

KT Tape

KT Tape is great.  It provides my foot the necessary support it needs to allow me to keep running, pain-free.

There are 2 kinds of KT Tape.  KT Tape Original and KT Tape Pro.

I have used both.  Both have helped me by providing pain relief and support.  I questioned the difference as the KT Tape Original is about half the price of KT Tape Pro.  Here is what I found:


KT Tape Original:

All Natural Cotton

Comfortable to wear

Provides Good Support

Can be worn 1-3 days

Stays on in water

$12.99 a roll



KT Tape Pro:

Engineered Synthetic

Comfortable to wear

Provides the Best support (because the fabric is synthetic)

Can be work 4-7 days

Reflective Safety Print

Comes in a protective case

Water Resistant

Stays on in water

$19.99 a roll



I have used both and feel the level of support is equivalent.  I will put the tape on as instructed and leave it on for about 2 days.  The tape stays on in water, so bathing, swimming, showering are all okay.  The tape stays on and stays effective.

The tape is pre-cut into 2″ x 10″ strips and can be used for lots of different muscle and tendon issues.  I use the tape for plantar fasciitis and top of foot pain.  They provide an insert in the tape to show you on a very high level, how to apply the tape.

IMG (2) (1).jpg


To get a demonstration you can watch the video at kttape.com/instructions.  I watch the demonstrations on You tube.  The video for top of foot pain can be found here.  The video for plantar fasciitis can be found here.

You can buy KT Tape and learn more about it on their website, found here.  KT Tape is so popular, I can buy it at my local grocery store, sports store or even Amazon.

I continue with my other treatments of ice and my night splint for plantar fasciitis, found here.  These three items, I feel, provide the most relief and support to help me keep on going.  Running mile after mile.

Staying sane and feeling happy!