199 total miles for October.

Marathon training: postponed

In preparation for the Philadelphia Marathon, I began bulking up the mileage on my long runs.

I added a new race this year: The KSQ Mushroom Cap 13.1

I was feeling a lot of foot pain towards the end of this new hilly race, but it was not debilitating and I pushed forward with a half marathon time of 1:54.

Following my marathon training schedule, I completed my 20 mile long run the following weekend.  My foot hurt a lot at the end, but in a new way.

I have the plantar fasciitis and heel spur pain.  But the new concerning pain I have is across the top of my foot.  I am concerned about a possible stress fracture.

I do not have pain in that area unless I start to run fast.  I have found that I can still move on my treadmill at a 5.2 mph pace for 5 miles a day.  Any faster, and I feel foot pain.  If I have time, I hop on the treadmill later in the day for a couple more miles here and there.

Plenty of rest and stretch time in between.

Having lost a lot of weight being able to exercise is important to me.  I am terrified of ever gaining any of it back.  I have made dietary changes, but still have concerns about not running.  Finding this happy medium is really important to me.

Running slow is way better than no running.  And I continue to eat healthy.  I ice, tape and stabilize.  But will not race for a while.  And will not run fast for a while.  Doesn’t matter:


And will have to decrease my monthly mileage goals.

For October, here is what I ran:


Week            Mon           Tues             Wed            Thurs           Fri              Sat                Sun

1           Rest 17 m run
2 8 m run 8 m run 8 m run 7m run 5 m run 5 m 13 m run
3 7 m run 7 m 5 m Rest 2 m run 13.1

Mushroom Cap

4 Rest 5 m run 7 m run 10 m run 5 m run 20 m run Rest
5 5 m run 7 m run 8 m run 5 m run 5 m 7 m run 5 m run
6 5 m run