“Remember when you didn’t have to worry about some physical injury or ailment from running?  Remember how fun it was to run?”

I was thinking those words the other day when I was hobbling around the house.  Trying to figure if I should get ice, tape or both.

I had finished my long run and even after a day and a half of resting I was in pain.  I was having trouble walking and started to think of my good marathons.

When I came across the finish line of my first marathon the first responders that were at the finish to help haggled runners looked at me and asked if I was okay.  I was so choked up.  I had just run a marathon!  I was so happy!



I was sore for a couple of days, but was back running (happily!) pretty quickly.

Same for the second marathon.  So excited to just run!  I dropped 15 minutes off my marathon time.  And it all felt so good!



The first time I felt foot pain was after The Love Run Half Marathon in 2015.  It was so cold that day!  I got my Half Marathon Personal Record of 1:46.  But halfway through the race I looked down at my feet – why were they hurting so much this time?

I got through my next marathon and races pretty much the same way.  A little more achy and a little more pain in my feet.  Until I reached the breaking point.

In August 2015 I developed a heel spur from plantar fasciitis and was told by the doctor I had to stop running.


I did the best I could to sit and then cut my mileage down.  I sat out of all my races for one year, including the Philly Marathon 2015 and the Love Run 2016 (both of which I was registered for) in order to run the 2016 Delaware Marathon.

I ran the Delaware Marathon.  I got the first half in around 1:55.  By the time I reached mile 17 I was in so much foot pain.  But there was only one way to the end.  I was going to finish.  I hobbled across the line with a time of 4:22.



Over the summer my bad foot got better.  Yay!

In the past 2 months of half marathons and long runs, my good foot got worse.

It is now in my “good foot” I am experiencing the most pain.  I have developed plantar fasciitis in it, and I feel the same heel spur pain as I have felt before in my other foot.  I can point directly to where the nail is going in my foot when I walk.  I have tried to compensate my stride, and the muscle along the side of my foot is inflamed.  There is a sharp pain over the top of my foot with each running stride I take after about a mile.  It is in my “I am not a doctor” opinion I have developed a stress fracture.

My foot is a mess.

Time to make the hard decision.

My plan to run my next marathon has gone up in smoke.


In order to not give up running completely, I am going to have to give up long distance running for awhile.

That means, no marathon.

I could wake up one day before November 20th and feel GREAT!  I could go for a run and feel GREAT!  If that happens, I am mentally ready to show up come marathon day.  But if not, I am going to take it easy.  I can’t imagine running 26.2 miles on this messy foot.

I am registered for The Love Run 2017 and hope to feel better then.  I hope to run the Delaware Marathon in May.

But in the meantime, I believe I am going to have to sit this one out.

So I can run pain and injury free again.  To feel the happiness and fun of a good run!

I can’t wait!