“Do I have enough time for a run?”

If you love running as much as I do, this is definitely a question you have a pondered.  Trying to find enough time in a day to run as far as you would like, can sometimes feel impossible.


I’ve mentioned before that I have 3 busy kids and I have said goodbye to 120 pounds.


I had finally said, “I’m done feeling this bad.”  I started to workout and eat clean.


I had no idea I would lose that much weight, become a runner and feel mentally better.  It just became a part of my whole self transformation.

Exercise, healthy eating and my family are top priorities to me now. Since exercise is a top priority in my busy schedule, I try a few tricks to meet my daily exercise goals.

4 Tricks to Meet Daily Exercise Goals


Exercise to me is doing an activity  that elevates my heart rate.

My top choice for exercise is to run.  Fast, slow, long, short.  Some kind of run.

Breaking up the miles to get a larger number for the day helps me to meet my running and exercise goals.  I get up early and hit the treadmill for a morning 5 mile run.  If I have the opportunity, I will hit the treadmill again later in the day.

I do get concerned that breaking up the miles simply reiterates my ability to do a 5 mile run.  Being able to run, or a race a 10 miler or half marathon, I feel, takes time practicing actually running 10 miles at a time.  I give myself those opportunities as time allows, but in my day to day, I put in the miles when or wherever I can.treadmill-1201014_960_720.jpg


Do you pack workout clothes wherever you go?  I have some on hand in the car, too.  Ready to rock n roll whenever wherever the situation allows.



SQUATS!  While I watch my kids play at the park?


Sometimes there is not a time or place to get in a good run.  But if you can be flexible, you can still get some exercise in.

I developed heel spurs from my “one more mile” mentality and lack of stretching.  I wouldn’t say I was a bear, or unbearable, to be around – but I did feel “off” if I did not get a run in on any given day.  Now, if I get completely stuck in time or location, I can usually find a way to get in some squats, push-ups, a lengthy plank or maybe even some sprints in.  Whatever I choose, I mentally tell myself how the exercise I am performing will help me as a runner.



I know this is kind of silly to say, but if you are like me, you still need to hear it.  TAKE “OFF DAYS.”  Uber running everyday can be harmful to your body.  Your muscles do need time to repair.

So I Cross Train by

  • hitting the gym
  • walking or even
  • doing a lot of chores around the house

These  are ways I still try to move my body when I take an off day from running.

Running and I are buddies.  I try my hardest to get to spend time with my buddy.  I like to spend a lot of time with my buddy.  But if we are going to get along for a long time, we have to take breaks from each other.


Breaking up my runs to fit my schedule, leaving running clothes in the car, being flexible and taking breaks are ways I get my miles and body ready for a nice scheduled long haul.

What do you do?  Let me know!