Last week I received a very exciting email from Jerod Killick, the creator of the Svelte Yeti.

I’m a winner!

The mission of the Svelte Yeti is to promote a healthy athletic lifestyle through plant based nutrition.  That no matter how much our body changes, lifestyle change is always possible.  The Svelte Yeti promotes a community of individuals open to everyone, to talk about different ways to approach healthy diet and activity.


The Svelte Yeti provides a lot of wonderful information about diet and healthy living in the form of articles and podcasts.  That’s right, PODCASTS!

Check out their latest Podcast here:

SYP Episode #007 – Estelle Matheson on Volunteering, Paddling, and Radical Transformation


Having lost a lot of weight myself by focusing on eating clean and exercise (as I talk about here in my post, “Dare to Change.  I Did!”), the Svelte Yeti is a community I was interested in being a part of.

So I signed up for their monthly newsletter (you can, too – RIGHT HERE).

I joined a giveaway and WON!

What did I win?



I am so thankful to the Svelte Yeti for the awesome gear!  I have a 7AM race start this Saturday that has “chilly” written all over it.  Now I can stand (or jump up and down) at the start with a warm head and be ready to rock the course with energy, thanks to the Nuun Boost!

I have never ran in the dark before, because I have never had an awesome headlamp.  Guess what?  Now I do!!  Not only that, I can finally carry water with me.  I go for long trail runs and (I know) never carry water with me(head shake), like I spoke about here in “Water!  PLEASE!! Dehydration 101.”  Not only will I be able to carry water with me, my clumsy self won’t drop it thanks to the awesome water bottle strap (and I am super psyched there is a compartment for my keys!)

Please check out the Svelte Yeti.  They have a wonderful open community, provide great information on health and healthy living and AWESOME podcasts.

The items are awesome, Svelte Yeti!  Thank you, oh so much!

Check out Jerod Killick’s interview with the popular Canadian Running Magazine!

Stories from the run commute: “In the morning, I race Vancouver’s SkyTrain.”

Jerod Killick wakes up every morning eager to run below the SkyTrain in Vancouver. In running to work, he has lost a ton of weight and become a more calm and balanced person.


Way to go, Jerod!  Congratulations!