I got through 13 miles on my treadmill this morning.  Long run day and I was stuck inside.

I may not have pushed myself so far on the old hamster wheel, but I am entering another taper week.

I felt so happy racing after the Philly Rock N Roll Half Marathon that I saw another Half Marathon in my area and signed right up.


Aware of this race ahead I was not as careful about my recovery from the Rock N Roll.  I only took one full day off and then set back to running.  My feet have been sore since.  I stretch but still seem to run stiff.

What to do?

I am excited for the half I registered for.  It is sponsored by our local brewing company, Victory.  The race is 20 minutes away.  It’s the first annual – I want to run!


So I needed some motivation.  This week I wrote a piece for my blog about Autism called “Be a Buddy, Not a Bully” found here.

Shortly after I posted the piece I ran across this tweet on Twitter:


So, I looked up his story.

Ben Smith ran 10,506 miles.  He went through 22 pairs of shoes.  He ate 6,700 calories a day and lost close to 42 pounds.

According to this article here, by Metro, Ben sates the first 50 days were hell.  By day 7 he felt alone and overwhelmed with how many more days he had pledged to go.

As Ben continued he knew if he felt low, he had already felt lower in his runs.

“The lows were really low, and highs were really high.  But I wouldn’t change it for anything,”  Ben stated.

Ben decided to complete the #401challenge after facing years of homophobic abuse at school, which ended up affecting his health.

Ben went through his 20’s depressed.  By the time he turned 29 he had suffered a stroke.  He felt it was time to change.

Ben came up with the #401 challenge to raise money and awareness about bullying.  Ben was able to raise £280,000 and has since given 101 talks to colleges, universities and schools about bullying awareness.


As much as I love to race, I may not have allowed myself enough time to recover from my last race before starting to run again.  I am excited about this new race in my area, but still felt like I needed some motivation to get me race ready as I feel a little sluggish in my runs.  Looking to the runner, Ben Smith, and his #401challenge.  Ben ran 401 marathons in 401 days to raise anti-bullying awareness.

That is truly inspirational.  I am ready to run!