“I am just going to be a little hungry for a bit.  That’s just all there is to it.”

I was out walking with a friend and had told her I was having an insatiable hunger day.  I felt like, again, I could eat everything and anything all day.

My friend is focused on healthy eating and living.  She is tired of being tired and overweight.

We are both very similar in that we are never full.  We can eat and eat and eat.  And then eat some more.

5 years ago I reached the point where I was tired of being tired and overweight.  I can definitely relate to my friend’s current situation.  I was DONE with feeling unhappy about my appearance.

Any event where I would be around other people equaled a trip to the store to find some article of clothing that had a “slimming” effect.  Clothes that covered everything to hide my body and what I had done to it.

I had tried every diet.  Weight Watchers and South Beach are the two I remember the most.  I had looked at diet pills but never took anything besides supplements like L-Carnitine.  I would run around the block at night when no one was looking when I was really fed up.  I spent a lot of time hiding in my living room on my Wii Fit.

When I focused, I focused for a couple of weeks at a time.  I would lose 5 – 10 pounds.  I think the most I ever lost was 15 pounds.  But I weighed well over 200 pounds.  15 pounds wasn’t that noticeable.

5 years ago I had a breakthrough.  I WAS DONE.  I decided I wasn’t going to be big anymore.


I didn’t set out to be a runner.  But running helped set me free from the weight.

I started out walking at 3.0 mph on my treadmill.  It was fast for me.  The weight started coming off.

I started jogging and the weight came off even more.

I focused on one thing when I was on my treadmill:


I went just fast enough to elevate my heart rate at a comfortable level, walking or jogging.  And then I stayed for as long as I could.  An hour.  An hour and a half.  However long my schedule allowed

Eventually, I started running.

I changed what I ate in this process.  It was so simple.  Cut the bad out.  That’s it.  No, “If I do this, then I can eat that…”  I was DONE!  I knew what I had to do, and I had been avoiding it.  I was trying to find the hidden secret to be able to eat kind of bad AND be thin.

Maybe that works for some people, but not for me.  Maybe I could’ve had a donut or chips – but I was losing weight finally eating right and exercising – why would I sabotage myself?

I ate clean, I exercised.  I lost weight and I felt great.

Then I saw it – a little sign posted in the ground.  A trail 10K.

Was I ready?

I had lost 100 pounds at that point.  I felt great.  Was I daring enough to register for this trail 10K?

I dared.  I did.


I guess you can say that is where it all started for me.  I lost weight.  I fell in love with racing.  I felt strong.  I felt like I did something.  I FOUND MYSELF.


Running isn’t for everyone, I get it.  I don’t like skiing so I wouldn’t get very far in a weight loss program if that is what I had to do.  The best part about being healthy is finding any activity that is right for you.  And eating clean.


I am a documentary girl, and I have to say these documentaries helped me to eat clean.  If you are a documentary person, I encourage you to watch these to encourage healthy eating habits.

1-sht template       FOOD, Inc

download (1).jpeg   Super Size Me.

download (2).jpeg  Fat, Sick and Nearly DEAD

download (3).jpeg   Hungry For Change

download (4).jpeg  Forks Over Knives

Good luck on your Journey!  I am here if you need any support in the process!