The saddest thing happened to me yesterday.

My treadmill broke.

It stopped all of a sudden.  And then I smelled smoke.

I let it cool, took it apart and inspected the wires.  But every time I tried to turn it on, blown circuit, smoke smell and a spark.

What was I going to do?


I had finished my 50 miles for the week, I was on my cool down.  Today was my rest day.  I had time.

I called in for a repair.  Steve was assigned my case and would call me back.  Steve never called…..



My graceful waiting started to fade


My treadmill was 6 years old.  I had put 10,000 miles on it.  Wasn’t it time to get a new one?

I have a gym membership, and I can get to the gym as easily as I can get to the trails.  Which means, not very easily.  I have three young kids that keep me home.

A non running mommy is an unhappy mommy



I had to do something.  So I called for back up.  And once again, my faithful superhero dad came running to my help’



A few hours later, the old treadmill was out the door and the new treadmill was assembled and ready to go.tumblr_inline_nqnz7xsmtw1t8my73_500

When I started the treadmill for the first time, my youngest son was with me eating cookies.  I took a few steps and we cheered, him spitting cookie crumbs all over my new machine.

As you can tell,  I am happy.  I have a love hate relationship with my treadmill.  I realized today it is more love than hate.  And I learned I can only go 24 hours without a working treadmill in the house.

And off I go!  To take a few more treadmill steps!