My wedding vows:

“To have and to hold,

In sickness and in health,

Bob will always have his Eagles Season Tickets,

For as long as we both shall live..”


Today was long run day.  And a home Eagles game.  Which means one thing about my long run.

It was a long treadmill run day.

I am not going to pretend I was excited.

Long runs on the treadmill have the potential to lead to disaster.

Long run days for me mean 10 or more miles.  10 miles on the treadmill is harder than 15 miles on the trail, for me.

I got 10 miles in this morning.  On my treadmill.  In my basement.  Where it can be super easy to have a 40-year-old temper tantrum because no one is watching.  And boy, did I want to at times!

I still have a mildly annoying head cold.  My feet are still a little achy from racing last weekend.  The last thing I wanted to face was my treadmill and the wall in front of me for over and hour and a half.  Here is how:

I Fought the Treadmill, and I Won!

Change the Speed

The one thing I have found that helps break up the treadmill monotony is changing the speed.  Going fast, holding it, slowing down for a bit and then heading back up for a bit.


GREAT MUSIC helps me through.  My music was all over the place today.  I stuck with my top 50 favorite songs, found here and 30 Songs for the Emotional Mile, found here.

Chores, Kids…all set!

One of the biggest mental distractions I have are the kids fighting and the work I have to get done in the day.

Kids are all separated and absorbed into an activity.  All the beds are made, all the laundry is done before I set out on a long run.  Mental frustration exacerbates physical frustration and I am more prone to move on to the mental concerns.  No way, man.  So, kids situated, work done first so I can focus on the hours ahead.

Change the Stride

Once during a race, I was having a super frustrated day.  My shoe kept coming untied, I couldn’t find a smooth stride.  I felt all over the place.  A woman passed me, and I swear she was taking the shortest strides I had ever seen.  I remembered reading before that smaller strides helped conserve energy, so I tried it.  Odd at first, but I found a fluid movement eventually and I got out of the mental rut I had put myself in.

So now, on the treadmill, I change-up the stride.  Big, little, big, little.

It’s the little things that help the time pass, really.

Positive Thinking

And of course, old faithful, think positive thoughts.  Long Run treadmill day is not a time for thinking about all the things that get me upset or all the people who bring me down.  Tis the time to focus on all the good and celebrate a run.


Today had “Super Duper Busy” written all over it.  My mind was 100 different places.   #1 on the list:  RUN 10 MILES.

I fought the treadmill and got my 10 miles in.  Yeehaw!

Do you battle the treadmill?  What gets you through a long run on the treadmill?  Let me know!


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