I am sitting in the car, getting ready to drive, fumbling for ANYTHING to –


Sneeze in.

I look down and see I am holding the mask from my son’s Spiderman costume.

“Heeeeeey,” he chimes from the back seat, “I was going to wear that…..”

“I’m sorry, bud” I say, knowing I am going to need to carry around a generous supply of tissues for the next few days.

For the past couple days I have had a cold.

A head cold to be precise.

I felt a slight scratch at the back of my throat on Wednesday afternoon.  I woke up Thursday and had trouble breathing out of my nose.  Once I started moving, I felt a little better.

But as the days have worn on, I notice that I feel really “head heavy” at times.

This can be problematic of course.  When do I want to stop running?  Um, NEVER.

When do I want to have to stop my training schedule.  Um, NEVER.

So is it okay to run?

Colds and Running

Point blank obvious here, peeps.  I am not a Doctor.  But here is what I found.

“The Neck Rule”

For me right now, the cold is in my head.  My head can feel heavy.  I can feel tired.  My sinuses can stuff up.  But to a runner?  This is the kind of cold you want.  Once the cold is down your throat and in your chest, that is when you need to stop running.

The rule I follow as runner can be found here.  Simply put, “The Neck Rule” helps a runner determine when it is okay to run with an illness.  If the illness is above your neck, okay.  If the cold is below the neck – in your lungs.  That one requires time off.

Either way – take it easy.  If you push yourself, if you are over training – you could send the head cold directly to your lungs.  If you are taking any over the counter medication to help you, that could affect your health and run.

I have a head cold.  I do not feel the need to stay in bed.  It is an annoying head cold.  And you know when I feel great?  When I run.

Clear the Sinuses

Yepper.  I have an issue with my sinuses anyway.  But throw a slight cold in there when I run, well, I run with a tissue in my hand.  My sinus just drips.  But when I am done – My sinuses are clear as can be.  Definitely a plus.


Running with a cold is a personal choice.  I do my best to avoid anything that is going to make me stop running.  If I have to stop running, I am super cranky about that, let alone with whatever malady I am experiencing.  So I choose to run whenever I can.

Even if I have to sneeze a few times.


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