I know the language of “girl” exists, I just don’t speak the language.

I have never had a manicure or a pedicure.  I cut my own hair.  Jewelry?  Not for me.  I guess you could say, I am not very stylish.

Where am I most comfortable?  In my running clothes and shoes!

And not pink ones at that.

I am running again after my Rock N Roll Half Marathon this past Sunday.  I have been able to get 2, 5 mile runs in the past 2 days.  I am still a little tired, I am still a little sore.  But I am stretching and working my sore body back into feeling good.

I tried and trained so hard to chase down the ghosts that haunt me from this race, as I talk about here in Running Ghosts.

Come race day, the humidity was awful and once again I missed my goals.  Was I bummed?  A little, but I got to race and had a blast as I talk about here in I Love to Rock N Roll.

I trudged through peanut butter on race day, in air you could not breathe in, feeling like I was carrying sacks of potatoes.  I gave it everything I had.  About half way through the race I could wring my shirt out.  But I didn’t, and kept going forward as fast as I could.

Come mile 13, the race camera crew are always on a platform above the course.  There are other camera crews around the course, but I didn’t see them.  The platform camera crew was the only crew I saw.  So I gave them a big smile and wave of Runner’s Joy.

The Rock N Roll Half Marathon is in the late summer/early fall for my area.  Not a time to be setting a Personal Record (at least not for me).  But I do set a goal time for each race.  I have never met the goal time I have set.  Doesn’t matter.  I am still having a blast!

No glitz or glamour for me.  I am a sweaty running girl.  And yes, I am already registered for the Rock N Roll in 2017.  Gonna set another goal and chase those sweaty ghosts again!