How fortuitous (the word fortuitous actually being in my top 5 favorite words of all time) that the WordPress prompt word today is passionate.

I got to race today.  Something I am truly passionate about.

By no means am I a runner that is going to be winning a race.  But, I still love every minute of racing.

Today,  I set out to try an conquer the Rock N Roll Philadelphia Half Marathon.

Here is a beautiful photo from today.  Do you see me?


I have set a goal for this race, and every year I have not met my goals.  Guess what happened this year?!?!?

I missed my goal again.

My PR (Personal Record) in a half marathon is 1:46.  Today, for this course at this time of year my goal was to break 1:50.  Instead I left with a 1:56.

To break 1:50 I would need to run an 8:30 minute mile for 13 miles, or 7.1 miles per hour.  So that is where I spent my training.  To me, it was possible.

Did I know the humidity for today was going to be 88%?  Well, I did keep my eye on the weather this week, and even though the threat of rain left us, the humidity lingered.  And I was scared.

For me, humidity is the worst running condition to run in.  But I was still hopeful.

I ran a nice race.  I kept at a nice steady pace (I was bummed the clock wasn’t giving me the credit for my felt effort, though(I thought I was going faster)) until mile 7, when I hit the proverbial wall.  We all know, I tried my darndest to avoid this wall.  But with all the sweat leaving my body, my legs were seizing up and seizing early.  I gave myself the permission to coast, and had little ability to raise the speed again.

Was I sad?  Was I mad?  No.

At first I was bummed.  I actually got my worst half time without being plagued by heel spur pain.  But yet I am sitting here smiling, real big.


I love the planning, the running, and the other runners.  I love the struggle I face on race day, to always push myself harder.  To always do better.

I love the feeling of accomplishment.  I know one day I will not be able to race anymore.  So I am going to run and race when I can now.  I am not going to take one second of running, training or racing, for granted.  I am just that passionate about it.

I set out to do something today that 10 years ago I would never have felt possible.  And win, lose or draw – I crossed the finish line.  I DID IT!

And even though I finished this race with another time to beat, I left with a Rock N Roll Half Marathon award.  I finished in the top 25% of runners.  Which is pretty awesome to me!


The details of the race will come, I’m sure.  But all I have to say today is: I had the ability to run a race.  I did not meet my goal, but you know what?  That just means more time running and training for me, to try again next year.



2016 Rock N Roll Half Marathon Results:


  • FINISH TIME  1:56:05
  • EXPECTED TIME  1:50:00



  • 5 KM 25:13 PACE 8:07
  • 10 KM 52:08 PACE 8:24
  • 10 MI 1:27:27 PACE  8:45
  • PACE 8:52
  • CHIP TIME  1:56:05
  • OVERALL   2116 / 12263
  • DIVISION    99 / 998
  • GENDER    826 / 7272