It happened again.

I woke up at 3:45 this morning and couldn’t go back to sleep.  My mind was awake and thinking about my race tomorrow.

Tomorrow I head out to rock the Rock N Roll Half Marathon.

Am I ready?  Did I have everything I needed?  My mind started turning, going through everything in my head.

I got my Bib yesterday.  Check.

I went through all my shoes and picked out the ones I feel will be best for tomorrow.  My Asics Gel-Evate 3 are new, have been great the past 2 weeks on training runs and will give my heel spur all the support my foot needs.

I bought a full head of beets yesterday and I am ready to juice them tomorrow morning before I leave.  I talk about the benefits I find from juicing beets here: Beet Juice Love.

I also bought 2 heads of fresh parsley.  Today I will make parsley tea (just boil hot water and seep the parsley).  I feel the parsley really helps clean my system.  I already eat clean, but parsley has so many benefits in eliminating toxins from the system.  I need to focus on hydration today, and by drinking parsley tea, I will be hydrating and cleaning my system.  Parsley tea is a win, win in this respect.

I run light.  I try not to carry anything when I run except my energy gels, which I packed.  I talked about the benefits of energy gels, here.

I know what I will wear tomorrow and have everything laid out.  Check.

I know I will not sleep tonight.  I will be a ball of excited energy.  I still feel I will do okay tomorrow, even without sleep, as I talked about here: Racing Prep: No Sleep, No Problem.

I will run an easy 2 miles today to get my body in the running flow.  I will stretch.  I will think positive thoughts.  Other than that, I am going to take it easy.

I have everything set.  I have my beets, my parsley, my energy gels.  I will hydrate, I will run, I will stretch and thinking positively.  Keeping all of things in check and working together, I hope to have a great experience tomorrow.  If nothing else, I am running, so I know I will be happy!


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