When my 10-year-old was just a little guy, I would say to him, “Run fast, Bobby!”

Bobby would put his head down and take off.  He would swing his arms high and stomp with every foot step he took.  He did not go very fast – it appeared as if he slogged through peanut butter trying to kill spiders with every beat of his foot.

In Bobby’s mind, I think he felt that the harder he hit the ground, the faster he was going.  Maximum effort = Maximum speed!

I thought about this today when I was on my treadmill just trying to pull in a final 3 miles for the week.  I am nearing the end of my taper.  Race day is 3 1/2 days away.

I am tired.

My body is tired

This was a busy week with kids sports and activities.  A lot of late nights and early mornings.  And a lot of miles to fill in before I pulled the running plug before race day.  I watched my resting heart rate raise from its normal 46 beats per minute to 49 beats per minute, where it is sitting now.

So my rise in resting heart rate means my body is trying to mend somethings on the inside.  I have been so on the go, and in the need to hit my weekly miles I may have overworked myself.  And today I felt it, as I had to put my maximum effort in to slog through 3 slow miles.

So far, I stuck to my plan and stayed at 40 miles this week.  I am down to stretching, walking and carbo-loading for the next three days.  I will think about the race day ahead, doing well and having fun.  I will drink a ton of water.  Hopefully my resting heart rate will come back down, too.  Lots to work on, lots for my body to do behind the scenes and as long as I stick to the plan….success!

I mean, come on, for the next 3 days I get to rest, stretch and eat lots of carbs.  Doesn’t get much better than that!