One week until my next race!  The Rock N Roll Half Marathon is right around the corner.

I have ghosts on my back I am trying to get rid of from this race, which I talk about here.

Every time I race, I set a goal for myself.

At the Rock N Roll, I have not met my goals.

This will be the first time I am racing in the past year that my heel spur is not the focus of each step I take.  I am excited that I can actually focus on doing my best, and not doing the best considering the pain in my foot.

I have been training, focusing on this next race.  Yet, I was completely shocked a few days ago, when I realized the race was just days away!

That means one thing for me now.


In the racing world, tapering is the week or two you take before a race to reach peak performance come race time.  It is a time to let your body recharge, your muscles to replenish the depleted glycogen and to become mentally prepared for the race ahead.

I will focus on giving my body star treatment this week.  I will work to sleep 8 hours a night, I will stretch a daily.  I will deep breathe and meditate focusing on a positive run and experience.  I will still run, but less miles.  Instead of 50 miles, I will run 35-40 which will decrease my weekly mileage by 20-25% an amount suggested by Runner’s World as a good taper amount.

Tapering is part mental battle.  I will want to run more.  I will feel the need to do more.  In my mind, the more I practice, the better I will do.  This may be somewhat true, for all weeks leading up to taper week.  On taper week I need to focus on reassuring myself I have put the hard work, the miles, the sweat in.  Now is a time to treat my body well, run it some, and focus on doing well.

And chasing down those ghosts that continue to haunt me from this race.


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