In fear of bad weather today, I moved my long run to yesterday.  I got 15 miles in on the trails.  I had already ran 50 miles last week.  Adding another 15 miles in on top of a full week meant one thing:

I ran with a lot of aches and pains.

My legs were tired.  My muscles hurt.  BOTH of my feet were sore.  My right Achilles tendon started to get sore.  I was hurting.

Yet no matter how much I hurt, there was one thing I was dreading more.

Rest Day.

I kept telling myself how awesome rest day would be.  I would catch up on all the details I had let go for so long.  My legs would get a lot of good rest.  I would be rejuvenated for the next time I ran, and how awesome that run would feel.  But no matter how hard I try, rest day always feels like this:CrgTkguVMAAGBcu

I lost a lot of weight not only by changing what I ate, but also by exercise.  Whenever I don’t exercise, I feel like I will let gain weight back.  And I don’t ever want to gain an ounce of that weight back.

Rest days are important days.  If I were to keep running, I would be running towards injury.  My runs would be less rewarding.  I would be running the risk of getting depressed from bad runs.  My body needs a rest day.  And in order to let is shine on a great run, I need to stop looking at a rest day as an eclipse.  Rest day is not taking away the shine from my body and running.  Rest day is helping my body to shine for a great run day.

I made it through.  I did not run today.  I did not mentally break on anyone today from the stress of not exercising.  I ate well.  I got some, but not all of my work done.  I got some rest in.  And I am SUPER excited to get a good run in tomorrow.  On the trails!  Can’t wait!




photo credit: <a href=”″>Baymax Lamp via photopin (license)