“I like beautiful melodies telling me terrible things.”
Tom Waits

I don’t read much poetry.  I just listen to Tom Waits.

When I am energized and I go for a run, I try to run to a beat.  Something upbeat to get my heart and legs beating fast.

Sometimes my body is beat and I run the emotional mile.  I listed those songs here.  I’m not listening to the beat, I’m listening to the lyrics.

That is where Mr. Tom Waits comes in.  I love the lyrics and the melody of Wait’s songs, and run to the pure emotion that bursts forth.  Here are my favorite Tom Waits Songs to get my running heart pumping:


These are the Tom Waits Songs that have made my running playlist.  To keep my mind and heart going when my legs don’t want to go anymore.

But there is one more song with Tom Waits that DOES get my legs kicking.

Tommy the Cat – Primus (Mr. Tom Waits is the voice of Tommy the Cat)

Mr. Waits is truly remarkable as a singer, song writer, musician and actor.  Find out more about the man behind the voice, here.