“I can’t feel my toes!”

I was standing at the start line of the Love Run Half Marathon.  About 100 feet back ready to claim my starting position.

Odd for me, I was 30 minutes early.  My dad was standing next to me.  Offering conversation and to hold my extra clothes when it was time for me to set out to run.

I jumped up and down.  I moved around.  But nothing would stop the shiver that went from my head to my toes and then back to my head again.

I was freezing.

I loved my shoes up to this point.  Saucony Men’s Guide 9.  Beautiful grey with bits of orange and yellow.  I have always hated that shoe manufacturers think I want to wear a pink shoe because I am a girl.  Not only that, they don’t make a single shoe for men in pink, and I bet some man out there loves the color pink.

So I wear men’s shoes.  With normal colors.  Lots of support.  Large toe box.  I didn’t even realize until this day, all the shoes I run in have a mesh front.  A mesh front that REALLY lets the cold in.

I was so cold as I stood there waiting for the start of the race, my feet were so cold, that I took my scarf and hat off and wrapped each of my feet in them.    This surprisingly helped a lot.

I knew I would eventually warm up once I got going, but waiting was hard.  The time came to undress out of winter gear.  My lovely father took all my warm clothes as I started my race.  I was cold for a while.  I could not feel my feet until mile 2.  I was concerned I would twist an ankle and not even know it because I couldn’t feel them anyway.

I ran so very fast that day.  Probably just trying to warm up.  I was chasing heat.  I got my PR that day in the half, along with my best 5K and 10K splits:

Location Net Time
Start 00:00
5K 23:32
10K 49:04
Finish 1:46:24

My throat burned from the cold.  My fingers didn’t return to a normal color for a long time after the race.  And I ran on cold feet.  Literally.

The summer is winding down now.  There have been days I came home from running outside in the summer heat and humidity and had to peel my clothes off.  They made a loud “thunk” when they hit the bottom of the laundry bin as if I had just gotten out of a pool.

When the clothes “thunk” I think about the day I ran with frozen feet.  On the day I ran with frozen feet I thought about the heat.  Both are extreme ends.  And point to the happy middle: pleasant temperature run days, which are right around the corner.

Hello Fall!!  My favorite running season.  I have missed you so!!