Have you seen this new link?  I think it is great.  You put in your current weight and your goal weight to get an idea of what you would look like with your projected weight loss.

Here is the link:  http://www.modelmydiet.com/

Here is what my picture would have looked like 120 pounds ago:


The best part of this shot for me is that I am looking at it from the “I lost the weight” perspective.  But if I were to look at it from the “I want to look like that” perspective, I think this would be another great motivator.

So here’s the thing.  I lost a lot of weight changing my lifestyle.  I lost a lot of weight eating clean and healthy.  I lost a lot of weight running.

Nothing scares me more than thinking I will gain ANY of that weight back.  So I do not do anything to jeopardize my weight loss.  OR my ability to run.I take good care of myself physically to stay in good health and running form.  In this process, I have found that running has numerous mental benefits as well.

Mental Benefits of Running

There is something very satisfying about completing a run.  ANY RUN.  No matter how slow or fast, long or short.  I feel accomplished.

As a runner I feel more confident.

I feel happier.

I do not feel guilty about eating food.  I make the right food choices and I EAT.

I feel good in my clothes.

I feel strong

I sleep better

And I love working towards my next race.  I love having those goals ahead of me

Running for me is now called training.  Not dieting.  Not exercising.  I’m training.


I do not want to jeopardize my ability to run so that I would gain weight again.  I have found a lot of physical benefits of running.  And many, many mental benefits as well!