Have you ever watched the show “The Biggest Loser”?    Having lost a lot of weight myself, I do enjoy watching parts of this show.   I am not one really to sit and watch TV, and I have to say I never watched it when I was heavy.  But I find these days if I am sitting and watching TV I am drawn in to certain aspects of the show.

In a couple of the episodes last season I watched the Dr. on the show who gave a health analysis to all of the contestants, actually begin to predict the day some of the contestants were going to die.  These death days were calculated by the risk factors each of the contestants possessed with their being obese and numerous of other health problems like diabetes.  When the contestants who were given these predicted days of their death they were stunned, tearful and vowed to make immediate changes in their lifestyles to live longer than the date predicted.

I did not have any other health factor (that I know of) when I was obese.  I was aware of how others treated me.  I did realize people’s perception of me was different.  When I was big with pregnancy, people would hold the door for me and smile.  When I was obese, people did not hold the door for me, or did so with a sigh.  If I were a smoker, people may tell me of the bad health effects from smoking.  Talking about weight is too taboo – people didn’t tell me to lose weight to offer me better health.  They would just sigh or ignore me.

But that all changed.  I was unhappy.  As many of the contestants on “The Biggest Loser” appear to be as well.  Tired, unhappy, frustrated, sad.  You know, DONE WITH IT.

I made a lot of lifestyle changes and found myself.  I found the happy person inside.  I started running and lost a lot of weight.  I became the role model I wanted to be for my kids.  I avoided health complications from obesity.  I added years back on to my life, at least 3 years according to the information found here.

In my weight loss, in my search for better health – I found the fountain of youth: RUNNING.  To run, I must stretch my stiffening legs.  To prevent running injury I must keep  my weight down.  To increase my breathing power I must do different work outs for my lungs.  I am going to get older.  But I do not have to make more work for my body.  I plan to grow old with running, my fountain of youth.