“I bet you I can run to the moon and back!”

I love those running days.  Days you feel completely uninhibited.  You could run forever and a day.

Watching the Olympics brings the inner older athlete bug out of me.  My kids feel the energy, too.  They loved to watch the swimming events.  Going to our local pool they aren’t challenging each other to swim races, but swim win celebrations.  And I laugh to see the drippy goggle “YEAH” faces with the occasional finger wag.  Cracks me up!

I’ve been battling sickness the past few days.  I’m on antibiotics and am unable to walk more than 20 minutes at a time.  I’m nearing recovery and oh, so itchy to tie on the sneaks!  But I have to ease back, and not yet.

My Ease Back Into Running

Does anyone care if I run 50 miles a week?

No.  Just me.  I was able to get a sad, shaky 25 in this week before I went down.  And I am hopeful to log a few more before the week is out, but am not counting on it.

The Dr. told me no long runs for 10 days.  She didn’t say anything about the short ones.  I’ll test those later.

Slow going ahead

No intervals for me.  No fartleks, no hills.  When I tie the sneaks back on I am going for a jog the first time.  A short one.  I got knocked down off my wall, and I am going to have to build a ladder, where I take each step, to get back up.


I hate sickness.  Of course, right?  Most people do.  Just excited to get back out there.  Feel like a better version of myself and let loose – set course for the moon and back!