Most long distance race courses I run wrap back into themselves.  What I mean is, the course takes you out, turns around and brings you back to finish.

Therefore, during the race, the top runners will always cross your path.  They will be running to the finish line as you run to the wrap around point.   And you get to cheer like crazy watching those (many times) police escorted runners fly.

During one race, a smaller 10 mile race (no police escorts) I saw the top running male coming towards me.  And the anticipation began.  When will the top female come?

A couple more males go by and then I saw her at my mile 5.   She was running flawlessly.  She was in control and going FAST.  She was wearing….well, gym shorts.  An over sized T-Shirt.  It was January so she had on a pair of fuzzy earmuffs.  And gloves.

I cheered her on like crazy.

She was running old school.  Gadget free, dominating as a runner.

There are a lot of gadgets in running these days.

From basic to luxury models, the following items have been designed to make runners faster and perform better, all in greater comfort.

Running Gear of Today

Any day I go out to the trails or the track, I am bound to run into others doing what I also love to do.  RUN.  Here is some of the gear you see in the running community.

Activity Tracker

There are so many different kinds of activity trackers.  Do you want to know your steps?  Your heart rate?  Your calories burned?  Do you want a GPS tracker to map your route and distance traveled?  I own the Vivofit HR by Garmin, which I really like!  But sadly, didn’t make the list of Best Fitness Trackers found here.

Hydration vests.

I do not own a hydration vest.  For as many hours as I go out running in the heat, I should really own a hydration vest.  Lots of options to keep my whistle wet as I go, found here.  I really should get one.

Compression socks

I own em, I wear em on marathon training runs and in the marathon.  I wrote about their benefits in my racing here

State of the art clothes

Running shirts, shorts, skirts, eye wear, hats – the more expensive the model, the more likely the item is marketed to make you go faster

Running socks – I know some people swear by their running socks.  I jut try to get my Target brand socks to match.  As I look down right now, well, I’ll try again tomorrow to wear a matching pair of socks.


Don’t even get me started on shoes.

Do my shoes make me go faster?  I dunno.  Do my shoes give my feet little “I love you” hugs with each step?  YES.  In the past year I switched from my beloved Saucony to the Asics Gel Cumulus.  I don’t know why shoe makers think that because I am a girl I want to wear pink shoes.  So I wear men’s shoes.  Asics Men Gel Cumulus 17 – They are the shoes for me.


My point is – all of these items that can range from basic to luxury, are designed for one thing.  To make runners feel like runners.  To help them perform.  To make them go faster.


I own many of the items above.  They help me train, they help me recover.  But maybe there are some of those natural runners out there, like the girl that won the 10 mile race that day in her gym shorts and fuzzy earmuffs.  I realize, if I ever want to contend with that girl?  I am not going to have to buy a luxury shirt or hat that makes me go faster.  I am going to have to work VERY HARD.  That’s how it’s done.