Runners are some of the most stubborn people out there.

A pain has to be monumental to stop a runner from running.  A storm has to have lightening in it.  A path has to have a grizzly bear on it, in attack mode.

In short little will stop us.

As persistent as I am with my running, there has been one pain greater than my stubbornness to stop me in my tracks.

Touché, heel spur.  You got me.

I am a stubborn runner.  I run through all kinds of craziness – heck when you run for as many hours as I do, you kind of enjoy a little adversity out on the running path.  It gives you something to think about for the next few hours of running.  But I found one thing more stubborn than I.  A heel spur.

I developed a heel spur from running.  It was a pain that could not be ignored.  I was told that it was not the spur itself that was causing me pain, but that the spur was rubbing against the the tendons in my foot, causing them to swell.  The pain was in the bottom of my foot, the side of my foot, my heel, my Achilles, my calf – all the way to my back.  It was a pain that grounds you.

Not only was this pain significant, it wouldn’t go away!  Want to know a big reason why?  Because I could still walk (kind of) and did.  When I dislocated my knee, or tore the tendon in my knee – I was down for the count.  If I had to move, I moved with crutches.  With the heel spur?  You walk a little different, but you still walk.  It doesn’t get the heal time it deserves.  And as a runner, you feel pressed to go.  You want to run!  Little can stop this stubborn feeling.

My heel spur and I have given curt nods to each other.  We have found a way to work together.  And if the spur of mine gets mad, I listen to it.  Otherwise it will prove to me again, that its stubborn pain is greater than my stubbornness as a runner.


[Written in response to the prompt word: STUBBORN]