What makes me run better?  Staying at the right racing weight.

I am on a running rest day.  A day where I can let me body take the break it needs and focus on some other aspects of running.

For me, it’s my diet.

It took me about a year and a half to lose 120 pounds.  I put in A LOT of hard work to lose that weight.  Once it started to come off, I was so motivated to stay CONSISTENT with my diet and exercise to avoid the weight fluctuation.  I wanted to lose the weight.  I DID.   Now, I want to KEEP IT OFF.

So far so good.  To be honest?  I don’t really think about weight loss anymore.  I made on of the hardest changes of all.  I made a LIFESTYLE CHANGE when it came to food.  Healthy foods are just what I eat now.  I keep a healthy weight.  I think it helps I do not think about food.  I keep healthy whole foods around me and I stay in moderation.  I focus on other things.

But here is what I did to get here.

I started out on Weight Watchers, counting points.  Which was fine, til I realized I was still eating a lot of preservatives and “fake food.”  I realized that I could drink a Diet Coke for zero points, but that the diet coke was still bad for me.  So, I turned my attention to a Weight Watchers Whole Foods diet.  I still counted points, but only ate Whole Foods.  I became a vegetarian and after a year, realized soy was messing with my Estrogen, so I dropped soy and added fish back into my diet.  If I ate yogurt, or too much dairy, my sinuses would clog and I would get the worst eye bags.  So, I dropped most dairy.

I do not count points so much anymore.  I just stick to this primary diet.

BREAKFAST (7:00-7:30AM)

Believe it or not, I eat the same breakfast everyday.  I like it that much.

3 Egg Whites

Coffee with Almond Creamer


Same lunch, too.  I JUICE!  The fruits and vegetables may change.  As of late, I love the following combo:

5 Stalks Celery

1 Beet

1 Lemon

1 Green Apple

1/2 Cucumber

If I am still hungry after my juice, I have a can of tuna.  I will cut up some pickle or jalapeno and put it on some lettuce with balsamic vinegar.


Here is where I will fluctuate.  I go 2 different ways.

Dinner Option #1

Portion of fish – my favorites are salmon or flounder

Portion of Rice or Sweet Potato

Vegetable, like roasted zucchini, tomatoes, kale seasoned with Herbamare 

Fresh cut fruit for dessert

Dinner Option #2

Beans – some version of beans.  I either spice up some black beans or smash up some pintos

Put the beans on a taco shell broken in half

Almond Cheese


Fresh cut fruit for dessert

The beans REALLY fill me up!

I EAT EARLY.  If I don’t I will SNACK all day.  SNACKING can be so detrimental to me, so I try to focus on healthy eating early.

But I do snack.  If I am hungry during the day, I will have some almonds or Wasa Light Rye Crackers with mustard and pickles.  Or a hard boiled egg.  If I get hungry around 7 at night, this is also what I have.  A cup of hot tea helps my appetite, as well.  If I am still hungry, I have fruits and vegetables always available.  I eat those.

I do not have a sweet tooth.  I have a beer/wine tooth.  Once the kids are in bed, I watch TV for a bit.  Some nights, I will have a beer (white IPA’s are my favorite) or a glass of white wine.

Of course there are some deviations.  Going out to eat, going to a friends house, or a BBQ, vacations – they all could bring different food challenges.  But all I have to think about is all the hard work I put in to get to where I am.  Also HOW MUCH BETTER I FEEL as a runner and in general, at this weight.  I try to make the right choice when I am out.

I vary my spicing, I switch up how I make my sweet potato.  I will post some recipes.  But this is the core of how I lost weight and keep it off.

How do you maintain your ideal racing weight?  Let me know!