I have been battling a head cold the past few days.  Sinus, watery eyes, itchy throat.  Took it slow and just went for miles to get miles the past 2 days.  Feeling better today (at least I didn’t feel like putting my head on the treadmill console and sleeping).  So I went for a regular workout.  I just ran with a tissue for sinus drain (actually a paper towel (and my shirt)) and went for it!

I wanted to do a Boredom Blaster Treadmill Run I Found online.  Looked great!  But with my itchy ears and sinus towel, I went for the workout I could complete.

Hills aren’t my favorite.  You’ve heard me be whiny about hills.  My cross country coaches have heard me be whiny about them.  And guess what – that’s why I am so bad at them!  So putting more incline in my 5 mile runs will be very beneficial.

So here is what I got in today – and it was great for how I was feeling.  I will probably keep the incline the same in the future, just increase my speed.  But I definitely wasn’t bored and the workout felt great.

Do you have workouts you do on your treadmill to help with the monotony?  Let me know!





    WARM-UP 4.0 MPH 1
    1-5 MIN 5.7 3
    5-10 MIN 5.7 3
    10-15 MIN 6 2
    15-20 MIN 5.7 5
    20-25 MIN 6 2
    25-30 MIN  5.7 3
    30-35 MIN 6 1
    35-40 MIN 5.7 3
    40-44 MIN 6.2 2
    44-48 MIN 6.5 1
    48-50 MIN 7 0
    COOL DOWN 3.5 0