I set out for a long distance run today.  I went for one thing.  Miles.  For ME, I had this saying in my head this morning.  “Don’t run faster, run longer.”  I got 10 miles in, but I found I had to focus.

Thankfully I got to run outside again.  TONS of atmosphere.  LOTS of people to watch!  And lots of people working on different goals.

Truth be told, I got passed a lot today.  Do you know how that feels?  Kind of gets to you mentally.  But I put my head down and focused on my goal.

“Don’t run faster, Run longer.”

I got passed by an older man really kicking it.  I mentally threw him a high 5.  You go!  After passing him a few times to have him sprint pass me a few times, I got it – he was working on speed.  Awesome!

I got passed by a few different teenage boys.  Shirts off, running the boards at a 5K pace.  Cross Country training?  Way to go!

A few women went by.  They were definitely going faster than me.  I caught up with a few who had stopped.  Only time for a short one, so make it count.  I gotcha!  I do those too!

I passed a few people.  I saw a woman, I didn’t know personally, but I felt like I knew her.  She looked like she was working on fitness and weight.  Giving it what she had.  Head down, swaying from side to side, following the rhythm of her body.  She was sweating.  She was working hard.  Hi 5 and hug for her.  I was there.  Keep going.  It works!

And every now and again, I would cross paths with someone I had seen already.  I would be going one way, and they would be going the other.  After an hour we saw each other  2-3 times.  Head nods, small waves – we were doing the same thing.  Long run day.

I got 10 miles in today.  Took me about 1:35 to do.  Still a little faster than my 6.0 mph on the treadmill.  But every time I got passed by someone, I wanted to speed up.  I wanted to show, “I can go fast, too!”  But not today.  I had to focus on my goal.  I had to focus on my workout.

“Don’t run faster, Run longer.”

I loved seeing every one.  We got out there, and we each did what we set out to do.  Hi-5!  Can’t wait to see you again!

Happy running!