A favorite from my old cross country coach – this quote has been in my mind for years.

Did you run cross country or track in high school?  Do you feel others looked down on runners?  Cross Country didn’t get a whole lot of respect.  It was determined by other kids, “Anyone can run.”

I don’t know – I guess it made us runners feel bad at the time, that other fall sports were looking down on us.  Our coach gave us these words of wisdom, “No one can look down on you unless you are willing to look up.”

Yes, anyone can run.  Some people run faster than others.  But that’s okay.  Isn’t it kind of awesome anyone can run?  You can’t always get your old teams together or any team together to play a game of whatever.  But yes, you can get out there and run.  I played lacrosse for a season.  You know what?  Wasn’t for me.  And I am not too sure how easy it would be for me to find an over 40 lacrosse league to play today.  But you know what I can do?  I can always find a race out there to sign up for.

I love that I was able to come back to competitive running.  I love pushing myself to the nth degree.  Whenever I come across the finish line of a race – well, I want to feel like I gave it all.  That I ran so hard I know I couldn’t give another ounce of myself.  With the marathon, my body gives out, not my breathing.  But I know I gave my whole self to that endurance run.

Anyone can run.  I know I can’t fly like I used to.  But I love to try.  And I love that I can always find a race….Can’t wait to see you out there soon!

Happy Running!