No Gym?  No Problem.

The kids are home for summer vacation, which puts a damper on my workout routine.  No gym for me!  Yesterday I got up, ran a fast 5 miles and did my list of everyday exercises.  Then it was off to the zoo, haircuts and a Phillies game.  I got lots of steps in yesterday!  And boy, did my foot hurt.  I wore my Kuru shoes to help, but could still be spotted throughout the day doing a deep calf/foot stretch.  All good now!

So today is a cross training day.  No gym style.  Am I worried?  Nah.  I got this covered!

I jogged 3 so far today and then did my list of everyday exercises.  Since It’s pool season, there are a few areas I focus more attention on every day: my butt, my stomach and my arms.    Every day I do squats, lunges, the plank, push-ups and some lifting with free weights.  At home lifting days I try to elevate these exercises to put a little more pack in their punch.


I do 3 sets of 20, but I change it up.  The first 20 are the standard squat.  Second 20, the legs are a little farther apart.  3rd 20, the twos are pointed out.


I do not have a step bench, so I use the board of my treadmill.  I place one foot on it, and lunge forward with the other.  I carry my free weights to carry another depth to the lunge.  3 sets of 12, each leg:


Work in progress!  I am adding time to my plank.  Right now I am up to 1:10.  My plan?  Just keep going!  Along with the plank, I do V sit-ups, the bicycle and some standard curl ups using my treadmill board as the partner holding my feet.  I do 3 sets of 12 for each exercise.


One thing I have definitely learned in my long distance running journey – the importance of arm strength!  When I am done a marathon my legs hurt.  But guess what?  The next day my arms and shoulders hurt!  When my legs start to tire my upper body tries to take over the strain, and I try to carry weight and momentum with my upper body.  Keeping my shoulders and arms strong and in shape helps me tremendously in my long runs.  Here is what I do.

I focus on my triceps, doing tricep extensions, reverse flys, bicep curls, shoulder press and push ups.  The exercises with the free weights, I do 3 sets of 10.  For the push-ups, I do as many regular push ups as I can, then go into a modified position for 30 seconds.

No Gym?  No problem.  I put some time on my treadmill, I squat, I lunge, I plank and crunch and lift with some free weights.

How about you?  Do you have any great workouts for non-gym days?  Let me know!