Songs come and songs go – New ones come and get you going.  Old songs come on the radio that remind you of a time forgotten, but worth listening to on a run.  Eventually, you find yourself fast forwarding through the songs until you take them off to add some new flavor.

And then there are the true songs.  The ones that will always be with you.  No matter what.  When I was doing the song rotation recently I found out what my favorite, tried and true, songs were.  The ones that do not get deleted and have been played the most.  The ones that will always put a spark in my step no matter if I am ready, energetic, tired, grumpy – my favorites!

Yes, it’s true – I am a Pixies fan, through and through.  They make everyone of my playlists!

How about you?  What are the songs that rank the highest on your playlists?  Let me know!