It was an INTERVALS day today!

All about speed today.  Transitioning to a higher speed, coming back to a lower speed.  Controlling breathing.  Maintaining speed.  All the stuff I work toward on my Intervals Day.

For me, Intervals are done on the treadmill.  I warm up with a half mile run at regular speed of 6.0 mph.  Then for the next 40 minutes I rotate – I do 1:30 minutes at 8.0 mph, 1:30 minutes at 6.0 mph.  Then I finish out my hour of running at 6.0 mph.  I got a total of 7 miles in today.  I finish off the workout with squats, lunges, plank work, various sit ups.  It was a good one today!

My foot felt it though!  I feel I do very well with pain management in regards to my plantar fasciitis.  I sleep with the boot, I roll my foot on a frozen water bottle, I STRETCH a lot – AND – I wear great shoes.  In general, everything works great in my system.  Working on SPEED is something that makes my foot flare, though.

Since developing Plantar Fasciitis I buy a running shoe a half size bigger than my regular size.  That really does help!  After my last marathon my foot and ankle were HUGE when I was done.  SO SWOLLEN!  I stretched and iced for a while to bring everything back to normal.  And after a long run, a speed workout, a good run – I put on my Oofos.

On their website the above shoe absorbs shock, reduces stress and enables natural motion.  I love them!  I loved them so much I recommended them to my runner friends who also fell in love with them.  I wear this one:

One of my friends love the slides.

Get this – I get no props from Oofos for promoting their footwear.  I just love them!

Plantar Fasciitis has made it difficult for me to run.  But by taking care of my foot, during and after a run, I am not as inhibited.  I can do SPEED workouts!

Anyway, I recommend them.  They are great!  Here is the link for more information.  Check them out!