Ugh. The mental part of treadmill running!  It can be so rewarding to succeed at your goal, but the workouts can be oh, so frustrating.

I got 10 miles in this morning.  On my treadmill.  In my basement.  Where it can be super easy to have a 40 year old temper tantrum because no one is watching.  And boy, did I want to at times!

Today has “Super Duper Busy” written all over it.  My mind is 100 different places with vacation planning, birthday party planning, Dr.’s appointments, errands….but on the top of my list?  RUN 10 MILES.

Yep, it was a run 10 miles day before anything else.

Was I distracted?


Did I want to run 10 miles today?


While running, my mind was in one hundred different places.  The only time my mind landed on my treadmill was when I thought, “Ugh.  C’mon!  I don’t want to do this today!”

But more than anything else, I knew if I accomplished this one goal, I would feel so good about today.

I got on my machine.  I kept the pace at a steady 6.0 mph.  If I had gone any faster, I may have found a reason to quit.  My breathing was fine.  I focused on form.  I was determined.

  • I had made my list of things I needed to do today before I got on the mill to cut down on distraction.
  • I kept a notepad available for any quick notes.
  • I listened to my music.
  • I changed my stride from longer to shorter and back again to keep my mind focused.
  • My son was playing Disney Infinity in the background, so I would “watch” that for a bit.
  • I fought the negative thoughts, I replaced them with positive ones and mustered through.

And now I feel great.  How do I know when I have had a great workout?  When my hair is sweaty from scalp all the way down to the tips.

I battled my mind through my treadmill run.  I fought the negative thoughts.  I fought the stagnant atmosphere.  I prepared by trying to keep negative distractions to a minimal.  And I won!  I got my 10 miles in, I did my squats, lunges, plank, crunch exercises.

I got my workout in.  Now I am ready to CONQUER the other 99 things I listed for today!

How bout you?  How do you get through a long treadmill run?  Let me know!

Happy treadmill time!  Or trails!