I was able to log 22 miles in the past 2 days.  I found I had the time, it fit the schedule best, so I hit the trails.  And I was reminded of all the reasons I love trail running.

The past 2 days have been great weather wise.  Yesterday was cooler.  Today, well, it was more humid – but it rained last night.  So, when a breeze went through the tress, all the rain drops that were on the tops of the leaves blew down, giving a nice coolness on my skin in the heat.

Isn’t trail running like doing a Fartlek run?  The elevation changes, my speed changes.  At certain parts I feel great and I go faster.  Some aches pop up – and my runner mentality, “just give it a mile and see what happens” pops in too.  When the pain goes, I speed back up til some new pain comes along.  The runners pain cycle.

I’m not the only one that loves the trails, that feels like I NEED the trails.  Many times in the winter I see moms trying to push their ORV strollers through areas of thick snow.  I help when I can – I know the feeling of “I HAVE TO GET OUT OF THE HOUSE.  I HAVE TO RUN!”  In snow they push up the hills, in rain, they use the rain cover.  Never give up!  Get out there and collect some miles!

And the trees, the bushes, the fields – all the growth allows for private bathroom breaks.  When you are out there for that long, the urge is going to happen.  Feel free to use the port a potty’s on the trails that have been heavy laden with spiders.  If you’ve met the spiders, you take your chances off a path in the trails.  I love to watch a runner pop out of the bushes with a strand of leaves, instead of toilet paper flowing from their shorts.  I’ve been there!

And I love the wild life.  I saw lots of chipmunks, rabbits, squirrels, birds, fox and a couple of deer (who were even nice to stand and pose for me, see that nice deer that posed for me above).  I’ve run across snakes and spiders hanging from the trees.  Along with all the people out exercising their body and mind with me, the wild life is great to watch.

Tomorrow, I hit the track for some speed work.  I will hit the trails again another day.  Ta ta trails!