The workout for today?


Hills, man….In a race I battle the hill.  I can’t tell you how many people I pass that walk the hills as I trot up the hill.  I get to the top, mentally throw my hands in the air, give a “Thank God!”  Just to get passed by the person that walked them, who is now rested trying to make up some lost time.

Or in the Tough Mudder – I swear – my teammates and I were joking how the course felt like an M.C. Escher painting – some sort of optical illusion where all you did was go up hill.

I am not muddy yet in this photo, but do you see all those hills behind me?  We ran up them all.

On a side note – no, the moose hat was not my idea.  Yes, I am a good sport.

It was a 10 mile course with 20 obstacles.  Those 10 miles were up hill.  Okay.  Maybe just 9.5 miles of the 10, but it was substantial.  I told a team member, “I have run marathons, and I have never been this winded running because of all these hills.

In both cases, if I were to focus on my hill workouts I would fare better in my races.  

Finally!  A BIG positive for the treadmill!


Same mileage expectation for me.  Today was a 5 mile day with in house cross training after.  On hill day, that is 5 miles of hills, Program 2 on my Sole F63.  I have allergies or some sort of sinus thing going on today, so I felt like I had a ticket to skip it (the workout that is).  I knew I would be a mental wreck if I skipped my workout.  So I set my max speed at 6.0 mph.

In the beginning and the end, I bump up the mph to 6.0 mph.

What is that?  The beauty of a treadmill hill workout!  I can change the incline or the speed to keep me on the mill and keep going.  

Then I do their workout.  The belt changes it’s mph to 4.5-6.0, the incline changes from 0-5.  I do the hill workout for 1 hour, so every 3 minutes the speed or elevation changes.

Another beauty of a treadmill hill workout.  This automatic fluctuation – this VARIATION – is enough to keep my mind and body occupied as I go.

I am a sweaty mess when I am done = A GREAT WORKOUT. also talks about the pluses of doing a treadmill hill workout here.  Worth a gander!

But when it comes down to it – I have only raced 2 races ( I think) that were labeled as a “Fast Course” aka, no hills.  Hills are a part of every race.  And I can get myself up them, I can pass the hill walkers and then we can both meet up at the bottom.  Or, I can hill train, pass this hill walkers and stay ahead.  In short –