Do you have the need for speed?  Do you need some motivation?  I love when I am hitting an interval and one of my favorite pump up fast songs comes on my iPod and sets me flying.  Here are a few of my favorites to help me go FAST:

Please Play this Song on the Radio” – NOFX

Room Without a Window” – Operation Ivy (I just love a passionate political punk song)

Bad Reputation” – Joan Jett

Mansard Roof” – Vampire Weekend (Just get to the drums.  Follow the drums)

Brainstorm” – Arctic Monkeys

Linoleum” – NOFX

Janie Jones” – The Clash

American Idiot” – Green Day

Worship You” – Vampire Weekend

One” – Metallica (again, just get to the drums)

99 Red Balloons” – 7 Seconds

Going for a longer fast run?  Then turn on the Pixies album, Surfer Rosa and listen to these 4:

Tony’s Theme

Oh My Golly


I’m Amazed

Happy speed workout day!