Dear Mr. Snot Rocket Guy,


Thank you,


I ran a slow 10 miles today out on the trails.  No, I didn’t get hit with one today, but I did watch a guy blow the snot rocket.  So then I started thinking about the other no-no’s you see come race day.  Are these just things that bother me? Here they are my list of:

Racing No-No’s

1.  The Port – A – Potty Line

I swear I have missed my corral more times than I have made it because of the obnoxious port-a-potty lines.  I have come up with new plans for pre-race bathroom stops because there were never enough port – a -potty’s.  I always knew there were many stashed around the course, but never enough at the start line.  We are talking hour wait time.  Nothing to do with runner’s here.  We all gotta do what we gotta do – we just need more opportunities

2.  Water Cups

I completely understand we are all working for a time.  When I get a cup I feel like half is down my shirt or up my nose.  SOME gets in my mouth.  But I am always looking for a trash can!

It was at my second half marathon that I was appalled by the total disregard of the cup throw.

Yes, I missed my corral.  By a lot!  I was at the end and had to work from behind.  (I did end up with a 1:51 finish – just wish I had a better start).  Anyway – by the time I had reached the first water station there were mountains of cups all over the ground.  Runners were taking a sip and just dropping their cups down to the ground.  Not to the side, just straight down.  There was still a large crowd coming by, sliding on the cups trying to get a cup of water.  I didn’t want to fall, so I started skipping all the stations that were loaded with trash.

Sometimes I get the cup in the trash.  More often, it hits the side of the can – BUT I ALWAYS TRY.  Not just for the person who has to pick all the trash cups up, but also for all the runners behind me at risk of falling.

Not cool to throw straight down.  Go to the side.  AIM FOR THE TRASH CAN.

3.  Be Honest About Your Finish Time – Get in the Right Corral!

I talked about this one before here.   At the Love Run 2015 I finished with a time of 1:46.  My PR.  I was tired of being stuck behind good intentions and, since the Love Run there are no corrals, I went to the front at the start.  I stuck with the front as best as I could.  Maybe I got in someone’s way?  Possibly.

See, so many races I am honest about my finish time.  I generally run a half in 1:50 something.  I did a 1:46 once.  So I know I am a 8:00-8:30 pace per mile and so that is where I go.  SO MANY TIMES I start out and within the first half mile get stuck behind a walker.  There are so many people running, it is so hard to get around walkers in the beginning.  I have nothing against walkers.  Just please be honest with your finish time.

4.  Dear Mr. Snot Rocket and Spitter – LOOK BEFORE YOU SHOOT!!

Many times on the trail, during our training runs we are alone.  We spit to the side of the trail.  We shoot to the side of the trail.  Sometimes we should move closer to the side, or look before we shoot.  But ALWAYS look before on race day.

I’ve only gotten pegged once by a spitter.  Maybe I crept up on him.  Maybe he was lost in his own head.  But he didn’t look.  AND HE GOT MY SHOE.

That’s all.  Look before you shoot.


This one is more of a suggestion.  But I have seen my share of other runners coming out of bushes having not made it, of other “accidents” to learn one crucial piece of info.  Wear black shorts on race day.  Even the runner without an accident will sweat.  And it shows.  I’ve been behind you and saw your “cheek sweat rings.”  Wear black.

My list….Have any of these things happened to you?  Have you seen cheek sweat rings, too?  What do you have on your list?  Let me know!