I got off the treadmill and hit the outdoors.  What a great day!

I got 8 miles in this morning and it felt great!  I finished up my 8 miles in a little over an hour.  I was outside.  I was going fast for me.  And best of all?  It felt good.

Not that I do not love my treadmill.  There are days, parts of my day, every day that I know I wouldn’t be able to get a workout in if I didn’t have my treadmill.  But today?  I gave my treadmill a break.  I got outside.  I found a few benefits to my successful outdoor run.



I run to my ability.  If I were indoors on the treadmill I would have put it at 6.0 mph and just coasted.  I would have worked on my mental game.  I would have focused on finishing at least 5 miles.  Today, I was feeling good.

2. Socialize

I ran alone today, so I did not have the ability to run and talk to someone.  When going for an outdoor run, the opportunity to go for a SOCIAL RUN presents itself.  Social runs give us both the opportunity to talk about running.  What do you do?  How do you get through a hard treadmill run?  Let’s talk!

3.  SING!

Talking while running is a good indicator that you are doing an aerobic workout (which helps your speed come race time).  If you can’t talk, then you are going to fast for an aerobic workout.  Since I was alone I needed to be sure I was running at a pace that would still benefit me come race time.  I knew I was running for miles today.  In order to be sure I am keeping a pace that is not too fast on days I am going for long miles, I SING.  I listen to music and SING the words to the songs I am listening to.  If I can’t sing, hum or at least bust out every other line, the I need to SLOW DOWN.  I like to sing.  I don’t mind running solo.


Hello, ATMOSPHERE!!  So much more to see.  So much to distract me.  I love watching other runners too.  Feel free to pass me – I am looking at how you did it.  What is your stride like?  Are you breathing really heavy?  No?  Well, high 5!  And high 5 to all the runners – we are out here doing the thing we LOVE to do.

5.  Other RUNNERS

Hi!  Remember me?  I am that runner person, smiling and waving to every runner I see.  I am just so excited to see you.  Saying hi to you, seeing you, keeps me going.  Yes, OTHER RUNNERS HELP GIVE MOTIVATION TO KEEP ON GOING.  No jumping off the treadmill, no jumping off the trail.  I see you pushing it, and guess what, I am going to push it too.  Thank you!

Maybe I just felt good today.  Maybe today was just one of those days that I was going to feel like I was flying even if I was stuck on my basement treadmill.  If I got the opportunity to run outside every day this post may have been called “Benefits of Indoor Running.”  Come winter, I am sure you will hear me tell you how awesome it is to have my treadmill and be able to run when it is too cold, icy or snowy out.  But for today?  It rocked to be outside.  SUCH A GOOD FEELING.  And I ALWAYS love a successful, happy run.

Do you prefer outdoor or indoor runs?  How do you get through the “hamster wheel” effect of the treadmill?  Let me know!

Happy Trails!  Or treadmills!