I told you about my 50+ favorite running songs – don’t remember that one?  Check it out here

When I was adding more songs to my iPod, I showed you the 10 songs that have played the most on my iPod.  They have probably been there the longest, and you know what?  Probably aren’t going to go anywhere.  Those top 10 songs can be found here.

So what’s up?  Why are there some songs on that list of 10 that aren’t on my top 50 favorite running songs?

Why, those songs are for my EMOTIONAL MILE

Most days you run with your body.  SOME days, even in some parts of certain training runs, you have to run with your heart.  You’re body is done.  Time to kick in some feeling.

My Favorite 30 Songs for the Emotional Mile

New Additions!

Can’t believe I forgot:

Chloe Dancer – Mother Love Bone

Hallelujah – Rufus Wainwright (I prefer this version)

A Sight for Sore Eyes – Tom Waits

Anywhere I Lay My Head – Tom Waits

Innocent When You Dream – Tom Waits

Too Much Too Young – The Specials


The songs come from different places, different times, different memories, different emotions, different people – but all seem to bring me a smile an emotion and another step forward.  The list can change – more of an “add to” list – I already feel like I am leaving some favorites out….I’ll add as they come!

What are your favorite songs for the emotional mile?  Let me know!