Recently, I talked about Running Form (see the post here).  When I look through pictures of me racing, I come across a few where I can pick up tidbits about my run.  What I was thinking then, what I was feeling.  With the picture shown above – I see where I need to work on my running form.

I never really thought about my running form until I developed a heel spur from Plantar Fasciitis.  It was when I couldn’t land on my heel anymore, that I really started to focus on my foot strike.  But guess what happens when you change your foot strike?  You start using other muscles.  New muscles and new pains can emerge.  I found pain in my left knee (I have torn the MCL a few times, moved the cartilage around in that bad boy, so that knee is always ready to bark), my left hip, my achilles…..and it’s like, oh geez!  Now what?

Thankfully, I think everything is worked out.  I don’t land on my heels anymore, and I don’t think about each foot strike.  And guess what – that helps my running form!

In this article by Running Competitor, running form flaws are looked discussed.  2 major flaws are the focus.  Foot Strike and Posture.

The author, Nate Helming, encourages the runner to:

1.  Focus on shoulder position and arm swing, and let the foot strike go.

I can’t land on my heel anymore, But the good news is, I don’t think about it anymore!  Time to redirect my attention to the top – shoulders and arm swing.

2.  Focusing on your core muscles.

Remember how I told you that as I run I have the tendency to get saggy draggy?  The more energetic and enthused I am, I run upright, I go faster.  As I go, I get tired – sure!  Who doesn’t?  But getting saggy draggy makes running, you know, harder!  Focusing on your core muscles.  Build those bad boys up so when you feel saggy draggy, you’re still standing upright.

My favorite core muscle workouts are the plank, the V sit-up, the bicycle and some standard curl ups with my treadmill board holding my feet.  I must be getting old, because I have so many ailments – but anywho – I am susceptible to lower back pain.  If my back is acting up, I do not lay on it for sit ups.  But I do stand up, legs shoulder width apart and lift my knee across my body.  So, left knee to right elbow.  A standing bicycle of sorts.

Good running form = runs that feel good.

Happy running!